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If you are interested in serving at Soundview Pregnancy in some Volunteer capacity, and have the time required, please complete the Volunteer Application found below. We will contact you for an interview. 

We look forward to meeting with you and to see how your skills and passion for the ministry could help meet our ministry needs, as well as your own.

We ask that all volunteers have a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and be willing to sign our Statement of Faith.

I love volunteering at Soundview! One of my most driving passions is seeing family restoration take place in a culture where families are targeted for destruction! What Soundview Pregnancy Services does is absolutely amazing; we are in the business of saving lives, restoring families, and building stronger people and that is something that everybody should be a part of and support because this is human life were talking about!

This is why we are alive today, because somebody chose to keep us. Just keeping it real.
Taylor Niles

Volunteer Opportunities

Client Advocate
● The Client Advocate at Soundview Pregnancy Center is responsible for the education, emotional support, and assistance of clients at the Center. This position is under the supervision of the Executive Director and Director of Client Services.
● 22 hours of the DVD series Crisis Pregnancy training by American Academy of Christian Counselors
● Several weeks of shadowing a seasoned Client Advocate
● Additional quarterly group training with the other volunteers
● Time Commitment Required: 4 hours a week, 1 day per week for a 1 year commitment

Ultrasound Technicians
● Registered Nurses or Certified Ultrasound Technicians are always welcome to support Soundview Pregnancy Services. With modern equipment and training we serve to help pregnant women see the life growing inside them, establish their due date, and hear their unborn child’s heartbeat. Qualifications for Registered Nurse are BLS certified and preferred OB/GYN experience. RDMS Qualifications are registered in OB or ARDMS with extensive experience preforming OB scans and BLS certified preferred.
● Training
● Certification
● Reports to Nurse Manager
● Time Commitment Required: 4 hours a week, 1 day per week for a 1 year commitment

Campus/Community Outreach Volunteer/Team
● Assist with outreach and awareness presenting Soundview Pregnancy Services activities/services through local college campuses, student groups and community events.
● Go to college campuses, attend outreach events-man tables/interface with public to share ministry mission/message
● Time Commitment Required: Various hours/days

Baby Bottle Drive Team
● Assist with prepping bottles for community church Baby Bottle Drives
● Attend Sunday Morning Service at host church on Baby Bottle Drive Kick-off (to distribute Baby Bottles and/or to pick up Baby Bottles with donations)
● Time Commitment Required: Various; 2-4 times per month

Office Support Volunteers
● Office volunteers offer support by stuffing envelopes, preparing mailings, making phone calls, making deliveries to churches and more tasks as needed.
● Skills in organization, MS Word, Excel are desirable
● Time Commitment Required: Varied and Occasional

Events Team
● Assist with various events throughout the year- Annual Banquet, Walk For Life, Golf Marathon, etc.
● May involve computer work, off-site set up, various duties-phone, errands, etc
● Time Commitment Required: Varied; certain time periods during the year

Prayer Team
● Participate on ministry prayer team. Receive prayer requests bi-monthly to pray at home and eventually on-site (for events)
● Requests must be kept confidential
● Must have computer access to receive the prayer requests
● Time Commitment Required: daily or several times/week to spend time in prayer

Client Advocate On-Boarding Process

1. An interested volunteer will have spoken to a Soundview Pregnancy Services staff member and expressed an interest.
2. A Volunteer application will be requested (it can be emailed, mailed or picked up) and be completed.
3. The Statement of Faith; Statement of Principles; Applicant Certification & Agreement will be read and signed.
4. Four (4) references will be sent out by H.R. and received (one must be a pastor or church leader)
5. Soundview Pregnancy Services will complete a background check.
6. The potential volunteer will meet with Director of Operations for a get-to-know-you interview.
7. After all the above has been completed and returned to the H.R. Administrator in a satisfactory and favorable manner. The documentation will be reviewed by the Director of Operations and a meeting will be arranged to plan if, when and how to begin the training process.
8. An annual medical policies & procedures class must be completed by all Client Advocate volunteers.
9. An annual physical and Tuberculin Testing must be completed (and form signed by physician) for all Staff and Client Advocate volunteers.

Client Advocate/Medical
Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

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